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Parnassus Soft-Story Retrofit

San Francisco, CA


A soft-story condition at this four-story, 12-unit wood framed residential building was investigated in accordance with the provisions set forth in San Francisco Department of Building Inspection’s Administrative Bulletin AB-094. The building was determined to have a significant soft-story condition at the ground level and the building was subsequently retrofitted, consisting of two new transverse steel moment frames with a continuous footing and steel collector elements at the garage bays, new plywood shear walls, sill bolts and holdowns. Gravity load carrying members and their connections were also retrofitted, replaced or repaired, including several interior wood columns that had experienced significant dry-rot damage at the base.


  • Occupancy: 12-unit residential
  • 4-stories
  • AB-094 voluntary soft-story retrofit compliance
  • Architect: 2vDesign