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Union City Fire Station #3

Union City, CA


A new 10,000 station including a three-bay garage, living quarters and exercise rooms. The structure consists primarily of wood framing with prefabricated wood roof trusses and wood stud bearing walls. Lateral force resistance is provided by wood shear walls in the main portion of the building and steel special moment resisting frames(SMRFs) in the garage bays.

This project is certified LEED® Gold under LEED® NC 2.2.The structure was designed to accommodate photovoltaic (solar) panels that occur over a large portion of the roof space, as well as enlarged windows for natural daylighting. Other “green” structural features include:

  • 25% locally produced materials
  • 10% recycled content
  • high volume fly ash concrete foundations


  • 10,000 sq. ft. gross floor area
  • LEED® Gold (LEED® NC 2.2)
  • Architect: Glass Architects 
  • Project completed by Jay Pisano as Project Engineer at DASSE Design, Inc.